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"Just Slow This Merger Train


"Separate-and-Share" Song

7D article: "Essex Woman Belts Out Jethro Tull Tune to Protest Merger"

Elaine disagrees with staff and other joint board members who seek to add revenue via a Local Option Tax.

Before hearing results from survery #2, officials say a charter committee should be set up; public input will be sought; no public members invited to work on charter.

Elaine learns that septic and wells are used in the Town.

Elaine predicts the upsides of merger in print, but says the downsides cannot be discussed until later -- to prevent misinformation.

Staff, officials: Service levels won't change under merger

George: We'll all pay the same tax rate eventually.

George jokes: Just ban fire-arms in the Town!

George says combining governments

won't necessarily lead to

savings or efficiencies.

Pat jokes: To visually explain merger, show the Monopoly Man running with a sack of money from the Town to the Village.


Manager Evan Teich: Very rarely do taxes go down in municipal government.

Village President Andrew Brown: With merger, we would give up control of our destiny,  downtown, and community.

Village resident and Selectboard member Elaine Haney: With merger, the Village would give up all their autonomy and their entire ability to make decisions on their own.

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